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Home Staging

Home Staging. How to showcase your property to sell it faster

The current real estate market is extremely competitive: with a potential buyer, you will often get only one chance. So don’t miss it!

Thanks to professional home staging techniques, the process of selling your property can be eased considerably. These professionals will give your home a new look, allowing your visitors to feel at home! Here are some of those tips.


If you have family pictures, trophies, diplomas and other personal items around the house, start putting them in boxes immediately. It is quite possible that your family photos will not interest a childless couple or a single person. The opposite effect may even occur: by seeing these pictures, potential buyers might remove your property from their list thinking that your house does not fit their lifestyle.

Still, you should leave some decorative elements, such as centerpieces, vases, or plants. These objects, being less personal, allow buyers to imagine the life they might have living in your home.


If you follow trends in decorating, you may know that bright colors are all the rage: yellow, pink and orange are now found in all the decorating magazines. However, most people still prefer neutral colors.

That being said, with neutral colors (beige, grey, dark blue, white, etc.), most people will better be able to imagine themselves living in your home and are more likely to make an offer. It will be easier for them to foresee the decoration, even during the first visit!


If you want to sell your home, it is most likely you are planning to move! If parts of your home are cluttered, take the opportunity to start packing boxes and getting rid of furniture to free up as much space as possible. Concentrate on leaving only the essential pieces. Your room will look cleaner and more spacious, which will earn you extra points with your potential buyers.

And now?

If you recognize yourself in this situation, it would be best to review the rooms of your home or to call a home staging professional before you try to sell your property. Although it adds a step in the process of selling your home, it will be worth it since you’ll put all the chances on your side to sell your home faster!

By dealing with Progrès Courtier’s team for selling your home, you also benefit from our extensive network of contacts. We will be happy to help you find a home-staging professional who will improve the image of your home and help sell it quickly. That's Progrès Courtier’s turnkey approach!

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