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Real Estate broker Jean-François Dulac Jean-François Dulac

Certified Real Estate Broker
CEO, Progrès Courtier
Phone : 819-246-9779
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Our mission

Progrès Courtier, real estate agency in Gatineau.

What distinguishes Progrès Courtier and Jean-François Dulac from other real estate brokers is their humane and dedicated approach towards their clients.

For me, the client is number 1. I think it's important to guide people and advise them in what will probably be the most important investment of their life. Real Estate broker | Progrès Courtier

Jean-François Dulac


Real estate broker - Sell at 1% minimum with Progres Courtier
Sell at 1% minimum
We offer our services for 1% to allow our clients to enjoy professional and efficient service at a reasonable commission rate.
Precise evaluation of your property
Thanks to the undeniable expertise of Progrès Courtier, you will get the exact market value for your property, which will allow you to sell it faster and obtain the real value for your home!
Nearly 20 years experience
Real estate broker since 1995, Jean-François Dulac is passionate about real estate and puts his clients first.

Turnkey Approach
Working with Progrès Courtier also means benefiting from our agents’ vast network of renovation contractors, painters and home-staging specialists who will make your sale easier.
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Real Estate Publications

Progrès Courtier, real estate agency in Gatineau.

How to showcase your property to sell it faster?
The current real estate market is extremely competitive: with a potential buyer, you will often get only one chance. So don’t miss it!

Thanks to professional home staging techniques, the process of selling your property can be eased considerably. These professionals will give your home a new look, allowing your visitors to feel at home! Here are some of those tips.

Progrès Courtier, real estate agency in Gatineau.

Why choose a real estate broker?
With the development of the Internet in recent years, homeowners are wondering why they should deal with a real estate broker to sell their property.

When you decide to sell your home yourself, you embark on a complex adventure that requires essential knowledge and expertise. By dealing with a real estate broker, you protect yourself in many ways, while ensuring your peace of mind.

Progrès Courtier, real estate agency in Gatineau.

Renovate or repair in order to sale?
Many wonder if it essential to renovate or repair their home in order to sell it. The answer is yes!

The pace of life has increased dramatically in recent years. Nowadays, people want to spend the least time possible to get things done. By doing some basic repairs, you might to sell your home much faster.

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